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Art Imitating Life

by Kathryn Sias

Art imitating life?  Never!

I am unsure why I want to write an article on art imitating life, except for the fact that the cliche’ quote is something I have always heard. What does art imitating life mean?

I suppose the quote means something different to everyone.  As for myself, the saying art imitating life means my life is a piece of art.  My life is created from a blank canvas, to be whatever it is I choose.  As a child I loved to paint and draw, but I was never very good at it. I admired other artistic works, but it had to be real for me, something I could touch or see with my own eyes.  I didn’t like to look at images in magazines (when I was a child there was no such thing as online digital images), I preferred to go into a gallery or office building to look at the art hung inside and upon a wall.  That’s what art is to me.  Art is something tangible that you can touch that makes you feel good, or wonder about other ways of life, culture, experiences, emotion and more!

I realize art is so much more to others.  What’s your view of “art imitating life”?  My life is perfect, so I suppose I have created a masterpiece, or by the hand of something larger than myself, I even exist.

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