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  • Dental Art and Your Practice
    (A two-part series on “Dental Associates and Your Practice”)   After thirteen years in private practice and a trainer/consultant for about as long, I have learned one hardbound rule: there is definitely a right and wrong way to go about adding a dental associate to a practice. As a consultant, I frequently answer questions from […]
  • Where can you find Boudin outside of Louisiana?
    Where can you find Boudin outside of Louisiana?  There are several online Cajun stores that you can order from, but the product is frozen and shipped on dry ice.  The Boudin can’t be fresh in my opinion.  Fresh Boudin, there is nothing like it in the world.  You can purchase it fresh on almost every […]
  • Pots and Pans
    There is no one more serious about pots and pans than a gourmet chef.   Pots and pans? My husband has been a gourmet chef all of his 70 plus years.  He is retired now and still cooks each and every day like a professional.  The presentations are nice, sometimes too nice for my waist […]
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Pots and Pans

cooking essentials

Cooking is a certain art!

There is no one more serious about pots and pans than a gourmet chef.  

Pots and pans? My husband has been a gourmet chef all of his 70 plus years.  He is retired now and still cooks each and every day like a professional.  The presentations are nice, sometimes too nice for my waist line.  The pots and pans that he uses are very specific.  Every chef has their own cookware essentials.  My husband loves steam table pans.  He cooks directly in them in the oven and is able to use them for presentation as well.  While he carefully slices the Cajun seasoned pork shoulder, he lays it out oh so nice.

English: Cast iron skillet cornbread with baco...

English: Cast iron skillet cornbread with bacon, jalapeno and onion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He does the same thing with his cast iron skillet.  A pan my husband cannot live without is a cast iron, a very large cast iron skillet.  He loves corn bread.  After he bakes the corn bread he is able to present it while still in the skillet.  Not only does that save time cleaning up after a meal, it looks great just where it is.  Why move cornbread to a platter when the cast iron skillet is  a rustic cooking essential that can be used to cook or to present just about anything?

Pots and pans?  We have so many pots and pans that I can no longer count them.  We purchase a lot of our pots and pans and other cooking essentials online through various sources.  I will list some links within this article to direct you to some of what we found to be the best cooking essentials / supplies / pots and pans on the market.

I love writing for this New Orleans Artists blog.  My heart is in New Orleans.  My husband was born in Lafayette just a hop, skip and a jump from there.  His first cooking experiences were in some of the finest restaurants in New Orleans.  Cooking is an art indeed which is why it will always be a hosted section on this artists blog.  If you have any recipes you would love to share, particularly Southern / Soul / Cajun / Creole then bring it on.   I’ll not only post your recipe to this site I will allow you one link back to your own blog so we can continue to share the love of fine art and fine cooking.

Here is a site for all of those out there who are serious about their pots and pans:  http://www.cookwareessentials.net/



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Keeping a Water Bottle Handy With Ribbon

My water bottle

My water bottle (Photo credit: JeremyMcWilliams)

Keeping a Water Bottle Handy With Ribbon

This summer is supposed to be a hot one! You need to be doing everything you can to stay hydrated and cool. It is recommended that you keep a water bottle with you at all times, but that can be difficult when you are constantly changing purses and making trips to the pool or beach. A great solution is a water bottle carrier. You can wear it or just throw it over your shoulder, never worrying about dehydration again!

For this craft, I would recommend fitting the measurements to an ordinary disposable water bottle. If there is a particular brand that you drink, go ahead a buy a bottle so you have the right measurements. At the fabric store, you will want to pick up a spool of 1” wide grosgrain ribbon , and some cording. You can choose any color of ribbon you want, just make sure have about 4’ to 5’ to use for this project. You will want to cut the ribbon into about a 45” strip. Depending on how far you want this water bottle carrier to hang, you may want to add a few inches to that strip. Whichever length you choose, fold both ends in half widthwise. Cut the cording into a strip of about 6”.  Fold the cording in half and tie a slip know towards the loop end. With the ends, tie a regular knot. Place the regular knot inside the crease of the ribbon, with the slip knot outside of the ribbon. Take the other end of the ribbon and sandwich the cording between the two. Sew the ribbons together with the cording in-between them, and stitch back and forth to secure the cording inside of the ribbon. The cording slip knot should still be exposed so you can attach it under the lip of any size of disposable water bottle.

Now you can be on-the-go and have water by your side at all times. This is a great craft idea before any hiking or camping adventure you have planned for the summer, so try it out! With how easy this is, and with how sizzling this summer is going to be, you will want to keep your water bottle handy with this ribbon craft!

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How to Make Ribbon Flowers

Ribbonwork Rose With Bud

Ribbonwork Rose With Bud (Photo credit: lambsandivydesigns.com)

How to Make Ribbon Flowers

If you need to accent a ribbon wreath, a headband, or even a cake, flowers are definitely a popular option. But real flowers can me messy and hard to work with; not to mention, they die so quickly! Fake flower are a little better of an option, but they fall apart so easily, and it is hard to find just the right size and color. If you want the beauty of a real flower combined with durability and lots of color options, then you need to learn how to make ribbon flowers!

First, you will need to choose the type of ribbon you want to use. Chevron ribbon is a popular option since it has such a cute design with just two colors – that makes it easy to coordinate. Buy a few different spools of different sizes and coordinating colors. Cut the wider-sized ribbon into 5” strips or so, and stack about 5 strips on top of each other. Thread a need with some thread that matches, and poke it through the stack of ribbon. Don’t pull the needle through the stack just yet. Spread the strips out and separate them into a star shape. Fold each end of the ribbon into the center over the needle’s tip. Repeat this step for each strip until you have a flower form. Pull the needle and thread all of the way through, and reinforce that stich with several more, looping back through a few more times. Now that you have the larger first layer complete, cut the skinnier width of ribbon into 5 strips of about 4”. Follow the previous steps and form into another flower form. Secure the smaller layer to the larger one with just a quick dab of hot glue. If you want to finish it off and give the flower a creative touch, you could hot glue a button to the center.

You can use these ribbon flowers on just about anything, so I would recommend making several at a time of different colors. That way, when you have a craft that needs just a little something extra, you will be ready and have something on hand.  If you don’t can’t find the ribbon you are looking for, or you don’t have a fabric store close by, check out The Ribbon Retreat’s selection and international shipping options.

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Elastic and Jewelry

Constructed beads

Constructed beads (Photo credit: scrappy annie)

Elastic and Jewelry

You sure have come a long way from make those “BFF” bracelets and charm necklaces, but one thing that has stood the test of time is elastic! No, no, I’m not talking about wrinkles, I’m talking about jewelry. Elastic is being used to make elegant jewelry, and it is turning into quite the trend! And for good reason too, because elastic is durable. No more replacing the bracelet ties or asking you husband to come pin the clasp- elastic offers convenience without sacrificing cuteness!

First things first, ladies. Go to your local bead shop or craft store and find the beads and designs you love. I would definitely recommend picking up some large fashion pearl beads if you don’t already have a pearl bracelet. Then, purchase a spool of 1/4″ colored elastic (I would recommend a darker color to offset the color of the pearls, such as navy blue or black) and some clear elastic jewelry cord. Start by threading the clear jewelry cord thru a needle as this will make this project much easier. Poke the needle through the elastic, the back again on the other side about 3-4 centimeters away from the insertion point. Then sting a pearl onto it. Repeat these steps until you have a completed pearl bracelet, with that darker accent in between each pearl. If you want to really dress this up, you could buy some ribbon that coordinates with the elastic, and finish the bracelet off with a simple and stylish bow.

With your other beads and clear elastic, make some more bracelets. If you like the look of having multiple bracelets on at a time, I would recommend tying multiple elastic bracelets together with small pieces of clear elastic, or even just with a ribbon bow. If you are going to be tying multiple together, you can make sure that it all matches by comparing your colors to a color swatch from the bead or fabric store. Happy beading!

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Artists Enjoy Personalized Wristbands


notvote4bush (Photo credit: feeb)

New Orleans artists seem to enjoy personalized wristbands.  At least the group of artists I just met!

During my morning walk down St. Marie Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans I ran into a group of artists.  Of course I was seeking out artists.  I love New Orleans.

On my way to my favorite cafe during my morning jolt outdoors I said hello to a male passerby. He stopped and laughed, teasing his friend, asking me to compare personalized wristbands.  It seems he’s never met a stranger.

It also seems the group of artists who were interrupting my morning walk  were a part of a nice-size New Orleans art club,  This group of artists was hosting a personalized wristband original design contest.  How interesting..  I had never thought of personalized wristbands as being art.   “What is art?  Is it everything pleasing to the eye!  What is art to you is different than for me!”  Art is so subjective.

Tony was right. That was the passersby name., Tony.

Checkered Rubber Wristband

Checkered Rubber Wristband (Photo credit: Kyota)

Tony had a black and white design that had engraved on it “In the midst of darkness I shall find light”. The words wrapped around the silicon wristlet and struck my eye.  His friends wristband was cool too. The color he chose was a bright blue with black and white print.  In black print the engraving said, “With Whom” and in white engraving next to the black were the words, “To Trust”.  Each wrist band was very unique.  The wristbands were truly a work of art.

Português: Braceletes Godstrong e Make Poverty...

Português: Braceletes Godstrong e Make Poverty History. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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New Orleans Artists – A Mecca of Artists


LGDFleurFenceKatrinaDoor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Orleans is certainly a mecca of artists. The artists, the culture, antiques and admitted freaks.  New Orleans is a favorite city for many.

I remember when I started this blog.  It was a favorite for sure. I’ve always loved New Orleans.  I’ve never lived there but I’ve lived close.  My husband is from Lafayette a mere alligators leap away.

One walk down any street in the French Quarter or a ride through the charming Garden District helps you see the city is filled with history.

If you’re a New Orleans artist you can be listed on this site at no cost.  Send us  your web-site and business address and contact details and we will write an article for you for free and post it on this site.  Please contact me at kathrynsias@zoho.com  to let me know if you would like a listing.

New Orleans Artists – A Mecca of Artists indeed!

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New Orleans 2012

Happy New Year New Orleans and all the artists in this great city. New Orleans is a work of art and always has been. Make sure to post all your art and artistic comments here. We look forward to getting to know each of you.

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Art Imitating Life

by Kathryn Sias

Art imitating life?  Never!

I am unsure why I want to write an article on art imitating life, except for the fact that the cliche’ quote is something I have always heard. What does art imitating life mean?

I suppose the quote means something different to everyone.  As for myself, the saying art imitating life means my life is a piece of art.  My life is created from a blank canvas, to be whatever it is I choose.  As a child I loved to paint and draw, but I was never very good at it. I admired other artistic works, but it had to be real for me, something I could touch or see with my own eyes.  I didn’t like to look at images in magazines (when I was a child there was no such thing as online digital images), I preferred to go into a gallery or office building to look at the art hung inside and upon a wall.  That’s what art is to me.  Art is something tangible that you can touch that makes you feel good, or wonder about other ways of life, culture, experiences, emotion and more!

I realize art is so much more to others.  What’s your view of “art imitating life”?  My life is perfect, so I suppose I have created a masterpiece, or by the hand of something larger than myself, I even exist.

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I’m consumed with art

I’ve never quite figured out my love for art. After all, I’ve tried drawing, painting, ceramics and a host of other artistic endeavors like putting together stained glass windows or sewing. My biggest passion is collecting odd art, things that make me feel good. I only wished I could actually get my fingers involved instead of just my checkbook.

Looking at art, I love it!  The beautiful or odd things, inspire most to new levels. Gazing onto something pleasant is an innate love.  As beautiful as the earth can be, it seems the grand creator (whatever it is you believe created or caused the earth to be in existence did a darn good job).  The earth is a beautiful home.

In fact if you’re enticed enough by a certain atmosphere, be it a well decorated home, a design-on-a-dime home small studio or apartment that’s as charming as the magazines, or love walking through a park of fountains, life is art so please take my advise and let art consume you!

Let life consume you!  Art will just be the medicine you take that makes you feel better!

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New Orleans Artists Blog

Portrait of a beautiful blond in the studio lo...

New Orleans Square Station (Photo credit: andy castro)


Join in our New Orleans Artist Blog and tell us all about yourself. Do you love New Orleans art like we do? Tell us exactly what you love about New Orleans and the artists that you’ve met there.

In fact, Louisiana is more than just New Orleans.  Once you see the art, culture, places to stay, things to do, and the food in Louisiana, you'll be just like we are, and return ever day to post your thoughts.  Welcome, to our New Orleans Artists blog. We hope to hear from each and every one of you.

Please help make this blog your own.  We get a fair amount of traffic and growing all the time. We’ve been online for years but off and on again active.  We are active again, very!

Please remember we do not approve spam comments or comments that promote other sites unless first approved.  Comments should be concerning the page topic or they will not be approved.  If you see a link on these pages it’s because they are links we promote because we want to, not because we were asked to.  We seek quality commenting and posts.

Let art imitate life, and your life imitate your art. Enloy!

New Orleans artist Gina Phillips describes Fort Dirt Hole tapestry English: Louis Armstrong, jazz trumpeter Français : Le trompetiste et chanteur de jazz Louis Armstrong. Türkçe: 20. yüzyılın en önemli müzisyenlerinden Louis Armstrong trompet çalarken (1953). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Join us in lively Louisiana conversation here on the New Orleans Artists blog.