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My Artist Diary

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I suppose my diary is not so personal.  Particularly if I plan to post it here for all the world to see.  My artist diary is simple. Because I am not a skilled painter, like I crave to be, I prefer to write about it.  Stay tuned, this could get painfully creative.  Here is my artist diary.


My name is Kathryn Sias.  My mother tells me I’ve been drawing and writing since I could pick up a pencil at age 3.  I don’t remember it the way my mother does.  I remember writing and drawing but she remembers be being withdrawn and to myself.  I remember loving art and writing so much that nothing else phased me.  It was nothing personal Mom! :)


I’m anything but withdrawn. I love people.  Yes I do stay to myself for the most part. I crave being alone to an extent, still immersed in some form of art.


My diary continues by flash-forwarding into the future.  I remember keeping a hand-written diary tucked safely between my mattress and box springs.  I would hide the key as if anyone couldn’t really find it.  I didn’t mind anyone reading my diary. I would never write anything I didn’t care if anyone knew.  Flash-forward I am now 12 years old. I am writing for my life.  The desk in my bedroom had a punch typewriter, a stack of unused paper, white-out, carbon paper, and printed writing that I myself had written.


Now I’m 14.


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Diary of a Chambermaid (1964 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My parents moved to a different town.  My grand parents were close now, in fact my grand father was the town Santa.


My family name was known in town as a respected family.  My parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles knew everyone.  I wrote a query to the county newspaper, unknowing that the owner knew my family well.  He cheerfully rang me up to invite me to come into his office.


When I arrived to the interview I was a bit shaken and nervous.  I’m a nervous-Nelly sometimes. I hate when I get nervy.  Needles to say  I aced the interview due to creativity, or so the nice owner claimed.  I was so proud of myself!  It was a teen column I created to give advice to teens anonymously.  I couldn’t tell anyone. Mum was the word.  I would go into the office once a week to shuffle through the printed graphic art.  In the 70′s advertising and art was very different.  We had clip art that we would cut and paste onto a graph, print out text in different font sizes i.e. the headline and the body, and then paste it to one page, copy it and send it to the printing department.


Flash forward I’m now 19.


The artist in me has dwindled.  I am now a mother of a bubbly little fellow.  He takes up all my energy. I’m still a nervous-Nelly so I hope I didn’t do too bad as a young mother.   I would draw with him though. I drew with all my kids. I would draw his face and it looked remarkably the same.  I learned how to add shadow for depth using pencils.  I tried to paint and did a few nice ones. My daughter has painted a Georgia oKeefe and my other daughter is a superior painter her own self.  My son also loves to paint.  I am glad they took my genes and enjoy the arts.


Flash forward quickly….I need to get going.  I am now 53, my exact age as we speak.  I still love art.  I have two homes that are filled with artists touches, old art, modern rooms, very eclectic I hope!  I was going for eclectic so there would be elements that would please any eye.

My artists diary will be continued.


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Writing (Photo credit: Pascal Maramis)




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The Rum Diary (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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