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New Orleans, Louisiana, oh the history!  Who would have known when they settled (whoever “they” are) that the city would have turned out one of the most famous cities in the world. The “Big Easy”, I think so!


Does it seem to you, or am I not thinking correctly, that knowing the “history” of anything is rather boring to most?  I have noticed a general attitude and a busy-ness of people not caring so much about anything but making a living.  Learning history, even cool New Orleans history might seem boring, but let me tell you, it is far from boring.


In the months to come we’re going to post stories, the history of New Orleans a bit at a time, allowing our visitors to post their own comments, and history that they may have shared in the great city we call “Naw’lins”.  Is that the right way to say “New Awlings”?  Okay …New Orleans already!


Mardi Gras and Beer New Orleans, Louisiana, 1943. Line at Rationing Board during World War II. : Location is the 500 block of Gravier Street. Note part of the Hibernia Bank Building visible in distance at left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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3 Responses to “History”

  • admin:

    I almost came to live in New Orleans right before the flood. I guess as luck would have it, I remained back home here in St. Louis, Missouri. I love New Orleans. Much like the world, I see the tenderness in a big-easy setting that possibly no one else see’s like me. I love the quaint inns and the history of New Orleans. Tell us why you love New Orleans, especially New Orleans Art. We would love to hear from you.

    In fact, we’re making a trip to New Orleans at the end of December. I promised my parents I would take them to see the city that I adore. I adore my parents and I adore New Orleans. It doesn’t get better than this!

    Let me know if you’re a New Orleans Artist and want to meet when we’re in your lovely city.

  • admin:

    We’re here in New Orleans, actually Lafayette. We’re here promoting a photography studio, and to interview Louisiana artists. It’s amazing, what we’re learning. Join us in our blogs and tell us what you think about Louisiana, and Louisiana art.

  • admin:

    I am still here in New Orleans, seeking out the city, talking to a lot of people, the culture down here is friendlier than St. Louis (my opinion, and I adore St. Louis, after all I was born there ).

    Anyway, since this web site is new I have decided to keep writing for it and keep visiting the Cajun and Creole cafe’s, corner meat markets (you can tell I love to eat) and the quaint little historic side artists dens and shops, I’m in downtown Lafayette right now. So come on down, it’s almost Mardi Gras!

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