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Dark Side



New Orleans after mistrial is declared for the...

New Orleans after mistrial is declared for the men arrested for the murder of police chief David Hennessy. Citizens gather at the Parish Prison in Treme. Speakers would soon would insight the crowd to riot and lynch the prisoners. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


New Orleans certainly has it’s dark side.  From it’s roots in Voodoo, and Spritism, it also comforts us little in knowing that the streets can be mean and drug infested, as in any big city.  The Orleans Parish Prison system is a nighmare.  Don’t get caught up in anything petty in New Orleans or you’ll find yourself behind rotten steel bars with hardened criminals.


A “Parish” in Louisiana is like a “County” anywhere else, and a county jail is usually harmless, but not in New Orleans, oh hell no!  New Orleans Parish prison was one “parish” who couldn’t seem to get the evacuation right when Katrina hit, allowing inmates to perish inside the bars and walls.


I know, you’re holding your head in your hands like I am, in disbelief.  How could it be that a prison system could allow it’s inmates to perish in a nightmare flood? But, it’s the truth, and oh how I should know!  I have a personal experience to tell you that will shock you out of your boots.


A friend of mine, a close dear friend, got in trouble while in New Orleans right after Katrina.  He went there to help in the clean-up and almost got wiped out himself!  He came back with his face re-constructed with steel plates and wires holding his cheeks and nose together.  After getting his face kicked in while in a so-called, harmless county jail he almost died with little medical attention, lack of water, lack of clean clothing, lack of obvious human needs, concern, or care!


It’s obviously illegal to allow this type of treatment to inmates anywhere, oh but in New Orleans they can do what they want!  There are organizations working to shut down New Orleans Parish prison.

No other parish prison anywhere in Louisiana, other than the New Orleans Parish prison, had any casualties that could have been prevented. It was as if New Orleans, with the legal mean-streak that’s so chilling, locked it’s prisoners inside the bars on purpose and allowed them to drown!!!  I’ve studied all I care to about the so-called county jail within the city limits of New Orleans.  I have facts!


With the constant threat of being investigated and shut down New Orleans still maintains the bad-rap of the main big mammer-jammers…mainly the big easy is sometimes sleezy!  Stay out of trouble in New Orleans, you got that?!New Orleans is a good place to play, if you don’t “play” too hard, or get in trouble for your “playing”.  This is serious stuff, please be advised.


The dark side of New Orleans certainly exists.  From the mean streets to it’s frightening physics, you don’t want to play around in a city known for it’s rotten prison system and weirded out, sometimes creepy spirited history!  We’ll get into the Voodoo aspect of New Orleans in the posts to come. For now, I felt it a serious matter to mention the “mean streets of New Orleans” and loud and clear.  Don’t “play” in New Orleans okay?






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  • admin:

    Being down here again, particularly in Lafayette doesn’t feel as unsafe as it was the last few times I was here after the flood. Oh wow has the flood changed New Orleans and for miles around to Baton Rouge, Lafayetter, Alexandria, Hammond, all the surrounding cities around New Orleans had their hands full after the flood. Yes there is dark side to every city, and their streets, but New Orleans after the flood takes the cake.

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