Everything in life is art!
  • Dental Art and Your Practice
    (A two-part series on “Dental Associates and Your Practice”)   After thirteen years in private practice and a trainer/consultant for about as long, I have learned one hardbound rule: there is definitely a right and wrong way to go about adding a dental associate to a practice. As a consultant, I frequently answer questions from […]
  • Where can you find Boudin outside of Louisiana?
    Where can you find Boudin outside of Louisiana?  There are several online Cajun stores that you can order from, but the product is frozen and shipped on dry ice.  The Boudin can’t be fresh in my opinion.  Fresh Boudin, there is nothing like it in the world.  You can purchase it fresh on almost every […]
  • Pots and Pans
    There is no one more serious about pots and pans than a gourmet chef.   Pots and pans? My husband has been a gourmet chef all of his 70 plus years.  He is retired now and still cooks each and every day like a professional.  The presentations are nice, sometimes too nice for my waist […]
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What To Do In New Orleans

Having a hard time figuring out what to do in New Orleans?  Part of the reason we created this New Orleans Artists blog was to give artist-seeking-enthusiasts a site to visit that is visual and also offers information on things to do in New Orleans.  If you’ve never been to New Orleans, planning a trip, and don’t know what there is to do in the “Big-Easy” then it’s as simple as heading to the French Quarter and starting there. Obviously there are pubs and jazz-joints everywhere, and obviously the culture, the vintage stores, antiques, and ambiance is amazing. There’s never a shortage of things to do in New Orleans.  I’m big on never making an itinerary, because I don’t want to be locked in to a certain strict schedule. When I’m traveling I prefer to “cuff-it” as I call it, making just one or two “have-to-do-things” on a list, and letting the rest of the trip “go with the flow”.

What to do in New Orleans? The first thing you can do is search this site. It lists fun things to do in a city that truly never sleeps.

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womens flat shoes ukLondon’s http://lebunnybleu.com, a women’s flat shoes UK boutique is rocking. Maybe one day they’ll have a shop in the New Orleans area. Take a look and let us know what you think. Their online store is awesome, and then when you click the London UK link you see that their in store shops inside Malls,etc. are spectacular examples of womens flat shoes uk boutique shopping.

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New Orleans In The Winter

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New Orleans 2012

Happy New Year New Orleans and all the artists in this great city. New Orleans is a work of art and always has been. Make sure to post all your art and artistic comments here. We look forward to getting to know each of you.

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Art Imitating Life

by Kathryn Sias

Art imitating life?  Never!

I am unsure why I want to write an article on art imitating life, except for the fact that the cliche’ quote is something I have always heard. What does art imitating life mean?

I suppose the quote means something different to everyone.  As for myself, the saying art imitating life means my life is a piece of art.  My life is created from a blank canvas, to be whatever it is I choose.  As a child I loved to paint and draw, but I was never very good at it. I admired other artistic works, but it had to be real for me, something I could touch or see with my own eyes.  I didn’t like to look at images in magazines (when I was a child there was no such thing as online digital images), I preferred to go into a gallery or office building to look at the art hung inside and upon a wall.  That’s what art is to me.  Art is something tangible that you can touch that makes you feel good, or wonder about other ways of life, culture, experiences, emotion and more!

I realize art is so much more to others.  What’s your view of “art imitating life”?  My life is perfect, so I suppose I have created a masterpiece, or by the hand of something larger than myself, I even exist.

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I’m consumed with art

I’ve never quite figured out my love for art. After all, I’ve tried drawing, painting, ceramics and a host of other artistic endeavors like putting together stained glass windows or sewing. My biggest passion is collecting odd art, things that make me feel good. I only wished I could actually get my fingers involved instead of just my checkbook.

Looking at art, I love it!  The beautiful or odd things, inspire most to new levels. Gazing onto something pleasant is an innate love.  As beautiful as the earth can be, it seems the grand creator (whatever it is you believe created or caused the earth to be in existence did a darn good job).  The earth is a beautiful home.

In fact if you’re enticed enough by a certain atmosphere, be it a well decorated home, a design-on-a-dime home small studio or apartment that’s as charming as the magazines, or love walking through a park of fountains, life is art so please take my advise and let art consume you!

Let life consume you!  Art will just be the medicine you take that makes you feel better!

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Head South To New Orleans

Other than Florida you’re not going to get too much further South than New Orleans.  It’s cold outside.  It’s Winter remember?  Those who, for heath reasons or other, head due South in the cold, blustery winter-time.  In fact, the first time I headed South, was for sure not the last. I love it!  The mild temperatures, the southern charm…yum.

All things fabulous indeed. I need to head South to New Orleans.  Or maybe Florida this winter, lol.

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Please Post Your Art

An artist site should have posts of art, and special images, antiques, or lovely furnishings for the world to enjoy.

Odd, old, or ugly, art is subjective, yet art is art.  For instance, I purchased several paintings from a lady named Loralee, a portrait of myself and my husband, and another portrait of a lady I call “blueberry brain”, reminding me much of myself.  They’re awesome, and very different. I will post the photographs soon, of some of the art I myself enjoy.

sell structured settlement annuity, right here on our New Orleans Art site, and remember…Louisiana is more than just New Orleans.

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Chillin’ In Carencro, Louisiana

When I first moved here from St. Louis, Mo. there was a sure “good-feeling”, as the Southern hospitality of everyone, everywhere, in Louisiana was obvious.  It’s a nice place to live, tropical weather year-round, and very comforting to be away from the hustle and bustle of a larger metropolitan area.

Do I fit in, I suppose I do.  The people are friendly and not overly friendly (if you know what I mean?).  The neighbors are warm and inviting, but keep to their own, yet you feel comfortable knowing there seems to be good people all around you. 

I love to travel. Who knows where I’ll end up next. I always wanted a Condo on the beachs of Key West.  Now that would be a dream come true.  Until then, I’m chillin’ in Carencro, Louisiana.

Ed Butowsky Ed Butowsky

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