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    (A two-part series on “Dental Associates and Your Practice”)   After thirteen years in private practice and a trainer/consultant for about as long, I have learned one hardbound rule: there is definitely a right and wrong way to go about adding a dental associate to a practice. As a consultant, I frequently answer questions from […]
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    Where can you find Boudin outside of Louisiana?  There are several online Cajun stores that you can order from, but the product is frozen and shipped on dry ice.  The Boudin can’t be fresh in my opinion.  Fresh Boudin, there is nothing like it in the world.  You can purchase it fresh on almost every […]
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    There is no one more serious about pots and pans than a gourmet chef.   Pots and pans? My husband has been a gourmet chef all of his 70 plus years.  He is retired now and still cooks each and every day like a professional.  The presentations are nice, sometimes too nice for my waist […]
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New Orleans Artists – A Mecca of Artists


LGDFleurFenceKatrinaDoor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Orleans is certainly a mecca of artists. The artists, the culture, antiques and admitted freaks.  New Orleans is a favorite city for many.

I remember when I started this blog.  It was a favorite for sure. I’ve always loved New Orleans.  I’ve never lived there but I’ve lived close.  My husband is from Lafayette a mere alligators leap away.

One walk down any street in the French Quarter or a ride through the charming Garden District helps you see the city is filled with history.

If you’re a New Orleans artist you can be listed on this site at no cost.  Send us  your web-site and business address and contact details and we will write an article for you for free and post it on this site.  Please contact me at kathrynsias@zoho.com  to let me know if you would like a listing.

New Orleans Artists – A Mecca of Artists indeed!

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Art Galleries In New Orleans

If you’re looking for the best art galleries in New Orleans, keep in mind they are plentiful. New Orleans is known for it’s “art”, and art galleries are at the top of that list.

Art Galleries in New Orleans

A.G. Wagner Studio & Gallery
813 Royal St., New Orleans, LA 70116 [Map It]
(504) 561-7440

1022 Gallery
1022 Lowerline St., New Orleans, LA 70115 [Map It]
(504) 301-0679

A Gallery for Fine Photography
241 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA 70130 [Map It]
(504) 568-1313

Art For The Soul

818 Howard Ave. , Ste. 101, New Orleans, LA 70113 [Map It]
(504) 558-7770

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Head South To New Orleans

Other than Florida you’re not going to get too much further South than New Orleans.  It’s cold outside.  It’s Winter remember?  Those who, for heath reasons or other, head due South in the cold, blustery winter-time.  In fact, the first time I headed South, was for sure not the last. I love it!  The mild temperatures, the southern charm…yum.

All things fabulous indeed. I need to head South to New Orleans.  Or maybe Florida this winter, lol.

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